Recently, I journeyed down to Los Angeles with some friends for Yayoi Kusama's famed Infinity Mirrors exhibit at The Broad museum. We were lucky enough to get tickets back in September (the process of buying for 5 people was stressful, almost like getting Coachella tickets!). Honestly, after seeing photos/videos of the exhibit all over social media, I wasn't even sure if it would live up to the hype. I also didn't do a ton of research on the exhibit or the artist beforehand -- I wanted to come in green.

You get 30 seconds in 5 different mirrored rooms with exhibits in between comprised of Kusama's paintings, sculptures, & other works. It feels a bit rushed / hectic -- you really have to focus to tune out the distracting lines / crowds throughout the experience. On the surface, Kusama's work is definitely pretty -- it's very easy to look into a room of twinkling lights & just gaze in dumbfounded awe. However, to look at her work & say that it's all beauty + light misses half the point. Those twinkling lights are surrounded by darkness, framed by sadness & other demons. Looking past the surface is when Kusama's work comes alive. You see the meditative nature of it -- the work put into each circle or polka dot, the stitches holding the fabric together.

And, at the age of 88, Kusama's still going strong. She holds the record for the highest price paid for a work by a living female artist. She still paints every day (sometimes working up to 8 hours) + just opened a new museum in Tokyo. I have tremendous respect for Kusama as both a woman and an artist. I'm not classically trained in the arts / design, but I can appreciate the beauty behind tiresome, obsessive work & using creation as an act of self-soothing. This was how Kusama processed / coped with the world and herself. I hope to visit her museum one day + view her other works on display around the world.


Have you visited any of Yayoi Kusama's exhibits? What did you think of her work? Leave your comments below. I'll be posting up a general LA diary / full recap soon so stay tuned.