I have combination skin (oily in the T-zone and drier on my cheeks). I struggle with acne on a daily basis, but my skin has improved significantly ever since I started using all of the products listed below in combination with each other.



  1. Start with an oil cleanser. I like using banila co. Clean It Zero or Clinique cleansing balm. I used to double cleanse but didn't see a huge difference / benefit so I stopped in an effort to save product / time. My skin didn't seem to care so I haven't looked back.
  2. For added moisture, you can tone with Mario Badescu spray. This step is optional and I don't always do it for the sake of time (I'm all about efficiency), but it adds a nice touch to my morning routine when I need a bit of a pick me up / am feeling extra.
  3. This step was a game changer for me. I struggled with acne for years, but once I started using these Peter Thomas Roth pads a couple months ago, my skin has really smoothed out and cleared up.
    Bonus Tip: The pads are pretty large, so to really get my bang for my buck, I fold the pads in half and use one side in the morning, then the other side at night. I flip over for the next day, which comes out to 4 uses total. I store the pad in a tiny tupperware to keep moist. Sorry if this grosses you out, but one pad per use is pricey in my opinion!
  4. I used to slather acne spot treatments all over my T-zone in hopes of banishing spots, but I've gotten better at just spot treating. I use this one from Kate Somerville that has benzoyl peroxide, which tends to work better for me than salicylic acid.
  5. Moisturize with this oil free moisturizer from Kate Somerville. I get super oily, so decided to try this one after my research. It works fine, but if you need more moisture, you might have to try something else. This product is also a bit pricey too, so I'm shopping for alternatives.
  6. Add SPF. None of the other products I use have SPF, so I like to add on this sunscreen from Shiseido. It's lightweight and doesn't leave a greasy feel.
  7. Top off your lips with Glossier Balm Dotcom lip balm. My lips get chapped + peel like crazy but this product does a good job of keeping the peeling at bay. You can get 10% off your first Glossier purchase today if you go through my link here:

And that's it! Now I'm ready to start my day and / or put on a fresh face of makeup.


What products do you start off your day with? Please share in the comments below. Also, let me know if you decide to try any of the products above and what you think of them!