As I mentioned in my morning routine post, I have combination skin (oily in the T-zone and drier on my cheeks). I struggle with acne on a daily basis, but my skin has improved significantly ever since I started using all of the products listed below in combination with each other (for comparison, I only have a couple of spots at a given time compared to 5 or more in the past).



  1. Start with oil cleanser again to remove face make up. I default to Clinique cleansing balm since I've been using it for the past year + I trust it with removing my make up. I'm still in the process of testing banila co. Clean It Zero.
  2. Remove eye make up. You can do this during step 1 and use Clinique cleansing balm, but I find that the balm does not fully remove my eye make up. I also have sensitive eyes, so the balm can be a bit irritating. So, I use this cheap formula from Target -- it doesn't break the bank / gets the job done (p.s. it's a dupe for the Neutrogena one).
    Sidebar: Every so often I get lash extensions, so I use a different eye makeup remover when I have them since you're supposed to use oil-free removers. I like Bioderma, which also doubles as a toner because you can use it over your whole face.
  3. Most nights / when I have time, I slather on the Lush Mask of Magnaminty face mask (the self-preserving formula). This product is seriously my HG. I forgot to bring it on my trip to Australia in September and my skin was no lie the worst it's ever been.  If I had to pick one product to bring on a desert island, this would be it! It's also great because you can leave it on for as long as you want -- I'm pretty sure I've left it on for over an hour before and it has never dried out my face.
    P.S. I usually shower before or after this step.
  4. Slap on some eye cream. I'm using this Korean snail cream -- I know it might sound creepy but don't knock it 'til you try it. It's also super budget-friendly! I'm still doing some internet research on snail mucin, so would love other suggestions for eye creams to try. Comment below or tweet me!
  5. Again, like in my morning routine, I use the Peter Thomas Roth pads over my T-zone. This product is probably the runner up / #2 on my list of skincare I'd bring on a desert island.
  6. Note: Skip this step unless you're having a major pimple problem. If I'm having any major break outs (I'm talking anything cystic or busted open), I'll stick these pimple dots on them. I feel like these ones by Peace Out are the most effective, but they come out to almost $1 per dot (sold in packs of 20) and are relatively large, so I only like to use them on large or cystic pimples. If you have tinier spots you want to treat, I feel like these ones from COSRX do the trick and they're much cheaper (you get a pack 24 dots in varying sizes for about $5).
  7. Add a serum / treatment. Depending on how my skin's feeling, I use Sunday Riley's treatment or Mizon's snail ampoule. The Sunday Riley product is definitely more of a splurge -- it used to be one of my HGs, but I find myself using it less because my skin has been looking a lot better (this might be proof that it actually worked!). Since it exfoliates, it can be a bit too intense for daily use when used after the Peter Thomas Roth pads. So, I've been using the Mizon treatment on most other days because it seems to be milder and keeps my skin happy / hydrated for a fraction of the price.
  8. Seal it all in with a moisturizer. I used to use this Clinique one all the time and am still trying to use it up, so I use it on my neck but I recently switched to this essence by COSRX for my face. I'm convinced that the COSRX essence paired with the Sunday Riley treatment drastically improved my skin, so now all I have to really do is focus on maintenance + using what works.
  9. Like in my morning routine, my last step is to pop on my Glossier Balm Dotcom lip balm. Get 10% off your first Glossier purchase if you go through my link:


And done! From time to time, I'll do a sheet mask instead of the serum / treatment & moisturizer. I love these ones from innisfree.


What products do you slather on your face before bedtime? Anything you think I should try or add? Please share in the comments below.