General public sentiment is that 2017 was kind of a shitty year. It got off to a weird start and I feel like that overshadowed the rest of 2017. Looking back, it was testing at times, but we made it through! I know that I learned a lot and I hope y'all did too. Here's my personal year in review: memories, lessons learned, peace & blessings.


January 2017 /

+ Started off the year as a blonde / bronde? Really embraced my ABG-ness for a hot second. Didn't enjoy the feeling of dead, crunchy hair so probably won't repeat.

+ Celebrated my Lola's 90th birthday with my mom's side of the family. She's living proof that you can be fabulous at any age. We had family come in from all over the US + Australia, so it was a ton of fun! Felt like the holidays again since the Bay Area usually serves as our common gathering spot.




February 2017 //

+ Went to NOLA for my cousin Anton's birthday. It was such a great trip! Good food, good company. Loved that city and can't wait to go back!


March 2017 ///

+ Binge watched Terrace House & felt randomly inspired to go get a cartilage piercing. That piercing's my birthday piercing. His name is Pierre.


April 2017 ////

+ Chopped my hair a little shorter (another Terrace House-inspired decision) & went to Iceland. I should probably write a full Iceland recap, but, in short, we experienced the mood swings of Iceland's weather, abundant natural beauty, & emerging street scene. 


May 2017 /////

+ Visited my cousin Georgina in Minneapolis. We made a spontaneous decision to go to the Soundset music festival -- the first festival my cousins & I had ever been to together. While there, we were reminded of both our age and that we were in Minnesota (the midwestern turn up was very low key & nobody liked E-40 -- shame!) It also started raining so we missed out on Travis Scott & Lauryn Hill. Lil Uzi Vert didn't even show up. Oh well -- we got juicy lucy's to make up for it. Minneapolis was cooler than I expected!


June 2017 //////

+ Took my baby boy Benji to Corgi Con. He got diarrhea on the way there but I think he still had a solid time. Heh.


July 2017

+ Went to Napa with my family to go wine tasting as an adult for the first time. We went to a nice restaurant called Farmstead for lunch, then Taco Bell for dinner. That perfect mix of high / low is why I love my family.

+ Went to Waterbar with Anton and threw down some $$$.


August 2017

+ Spent the month looking for a roommate -- luckily we found a good one! 


September 2017

+ Went down under for the first time to visit Australia & see our family out there. We flew into Sydney -- I think we were expecting it to be different, but it felt a lot tamer. If we had to do it again, we'd fly in and out of Melbourne, where our family's based. Australia felt super similar to America -- we'd like to go back to experience the outback, Uluru, and Western Australia.

+ Went to Vegas the weekend after like a lunatic. No ragrets.


October 2017

+ Got mad content. Checked out the Asian Art Museum fo free (first Sundays breh). Went to Pow Wow San Jose.


November 2017

+ Check out my LA diary here.


December 2017

+ Had a jolly old time at Santa Con. Allocated plenty of time to spend with loved ones. Continued to eat and drink too much all month. Closed out the year strong!


In retrospect, this year was hella good! My philosophy this year was: find at least one good, solid thing to look forward to every month -- no matter what it is. It helps you get past all the bullshit & helps you hone in on what's important to you. Also, take time to rest. Too much YOLO makes you slo-mo. Yeah, I cringed after I typed that.

Here's to 2018! x