A 3-day guide on what to eat / see / do in LA, especially if you enjoy art + grubbin'. No shortage of Instagrammable moments here.


Coming from the bay, I've been down to LA a bunch -- mainly to see family and/or go to Disneyland. TBH I don't even like Disneyland very much, so an LA trip where I got to skip that experience entirely was way overdue.

As I mentioned in my Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors post, my friends and I went down to LA last month for a 3-day trip. I left this trip feeling inspired / refreshed / full from all the delicious food we ate. I really enjoyed the pace of our trip & think we crammed the perfect amount of activity into each day. Here's a day-by-day recap of what we did.

Day 1 /

+ Arrival

We took the earliest flight out of SFO and arrived in LAX around 8 am. We picked up our rental car + met up with some friends to grab brunch.

+ Brunch @ Sqirl

Sqirl meets all the criteria for a poppin' hipster brunch place: everchanging menu, hanging light fixtures, minimal decor, & a line out the door. The layout is more cafe than restaurant. You order at the counter first, then grab a number and sit down. We sat inside -- it's a little cramped but moreso cozy than annoying. My mouth is watering just reminiscing about this meal.


+ Killin' time downtown

We grabbed juice / coffee at Verve Coffee Roasters, then drove over to The Broad to park. Parking in LA can be inconvenient / expensive, so parking at The Broad with validation was the way to go. We wandered through the LA Department of Water & Power (cool building) & Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (coolest / most modern Catholic church I've ever been in!).

+ Walt Disney Concert Hall

Could I even call myself a blogger if I didn't make a stop here to get content?


+ Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors @ The Broad

See my full post recapping the experience here.

+ Dinner @ Marugame Monzo

I ordered the uni (sea urchin) cream udon & it was the creamiest, most delicious udon I've ever had. They were the Japanese/Italian hybrid noodles of my dreams. If anyone has recommendations on where I can find some creamy ass udon in SF, please send 'em over stat!


Day 2 //

+ Breakfast @ Gjusta

OMG this bakery / deli / cafe combo is the shit. Again, this place looks like it's straight out of a hipster cookbook & I ate that shit up. The food's adorable. The interior's adorable. Even the bathroom has a modern / rustic / farmhouse vibe.


+ Eames House

We got reservations online in advance. The place felt very tranquil, surrounded by eucalyptus trees. We only got to tour / take photos of the exterior, but you can peer into the house & see the carefully selected items Charles + Ray Eames chose to fill their home with. It made me want to view the objects in my home with a more discerning eye & choose to surround myself with only meaningful things. Unfortunately I'm kind of a hoarder, but nobody's perfect. 


+ Getty Museum

IMO this place was the Disneyland of our trip -- crowded & commercial-feeling. At least we got some cool photos & it was free.


+ Dinner @ Genwa Korean BBQ

Over 20 banchan items & wagyu beef? Check, check.

+ LACMA Lights

Basic bitch photo location #679.

+ Caffe Bene

Casual spot for bingsu (Korean shaved ice). I think this is the first time I've had Korean shaved ice, but I've had other types of shaved ice. I really love it in all forms -- I don't discriminate. 

Day 3 ///

+ Alfred Coffee

My cousin and I paid for valet parking, then spent $30 on caffeinated drinks + pastries, but we regret nothing.


+ Melrose Trading Post (a happy coincidence)

While driving, we spotted our other cousin walking down the street as he was headed to Melrose Trading Post. We also got to meet Jimmy Yang (the actor who plays Jian-Yang on Silicon Valley). He's one of my favorite characters on that show, so that made my day!

+ Canter's

When you get that craving for deli pastrami, Canter's is the answer. I also got to try matzo ball soup for the first time so that was exciting!

+ Supreme

My cousin & I waited in line for an hour, which apparently isn't even that bad. And, after that wait, we didn't want to leave empty-handed so we both picked up hats with the letter "S" on them. Guess it could stand for Supreme...or stupid...or suckas -- depends on who you ask. Should have stuck with the classic box logo. Maybe next time. Play again. Gotta ask for more stickers too cuz I ended up losing the one we got. *smh*


+ Melrose Trading Post Round II

We went back for round 2 to get the goods we scouted during our first round earlier that day. I thrifted 2 jackets & a thicc flannel shirt. The jackets were pretty overpriced but are pretty unique pieces for my wardrobe, so when in Melrose Trading Post.

+ The Stocking Frame

Grabbed some drinks & bites. Cute spot. The bone marrow & octopus were top notch.


+ Departure

Left LA at 11 pm, back in SFO by 12:30 am. And that's a wrap! This was possibly the best weekend of eating of my young life. I definitely blew through some $$$ but luckily not as much as I thought I would spend. I spent the stupidest amount of money on my last day, but I don't like to repress myself, especially when I'm on vacation. I'm one of those "Buy now, return later" types. I don't like to live with regret.


What do you think of the itinerary above? Let me know in the comments below if you end up checking these places out.